What do customers pay for?
Customers pay a booking fee online to confirm an appointment with a business. The service fee is paid at the business location after the service has been offered.

What is the cancellation policy?
Customers can cancel for an automatic full refund of their booking fee 24 hours prior to the start of appointment. In the event of an emergency or the business not delivering the service at the set time, a refund request will require a review and approval process which could take a couple of days.

How do customers receive their booking fee refund?
Refunds are rewarded as a balance in the customer's account and can be used by the customer at the next appointment. We do not offer a cash refund at the moment.

How long does it take for the customer to get their booking fee refund?
Instant refund is provided if cancellation happens 24 hours prior to the appointment time. In any other case, it could take a few days to review the refund request and approve it.

What if the business cancels?
The customer gets an automatic full refund of the booking fee regardless of the time the business cancelled.

How do we prevent customers from leaving reviews that do not follow community guidelines
Customers are currently allowed to use a 1-5 star rating system and written reviews. Written reviews will be reviewed and screened against our community guidelines before they are displayed.

Does Piyata offer home delivery service?
This feature is currently unavailable but is in the works.

How do customers earn loyalty points?
Customers earn loyalty points anytime they use the platform to book a service. The loyalty points are redeemable (1 piyata point = GHC 2/RWF 200 ) towards future booking fees.

Piyata for Businesses

How do businesses get paid?
Businesses have complete control over how they get paid. Their mode of payment selection on the app is provided to the customer during the booking process. The customer then pays at the place of business after the service is delivered. Piyata does not handle online payments at this time-this will be a premium feature.

Are businesses allowed to respond to customer reviews?
Once developed, this feature will also go through a similar review before approval process as customer review submissions.

What if a customer does not show up?
If after 15 minutes the customer does not show up, the business is allowed to take care of another customer who may perhaps be sitting in the shop. In which case, the customer will have to wait till another free spot opens. If a customer chooses to cancel in such an event, they do not get a refund and the business retains their loyalty points.

How do businesses earn loyalty points?
Businesses earn loyalty points (1 piyata point = GHC 2/RWF 200 ) anytime they succesfully deliver a service booked through the platform. We are working on allowing businesses to redeem their points as cash and this option should be available soon. You do not lose your points, they keep accumulating!

Will there be a premium version?
Yes, the premium version will provide access to business management tools such as accepting online payments, staff management for business owners with multiple staff, record keeping and data insights on business performance, advanced SEO, focused marketing and features accross Piyata platforms, and many more, provided at a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

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